Tobago Cay Collection of Park User Fee

In 1998, the Marine Park (Tobago Cays) Regulation established
yacht entry fees for the TCMP based on the size of the vessel. Under this system, all park users are required to pay an entry fee, allowing a stay of up to 24 hours. Longer stay requires additional payments or larger advance payments. The entry fee only applies for access to the protection zone.
Visitors to Mayreau and local residents of that island are not required to pay the entry fee.

The park has required a payment for each barbeque held on Petit Bateau.
This potentially includes barbeques held by private parties, but more often involves barbeques arranged by vendors or other local operators where meals are sold to tourists. The fee charged $25 for a barbeque for up to 10 persons, or $10 per person for larger sized groups is payable in addition to the park entry fee. People organizing barbeques are expected to fully clean their sites after us and remove all garbage.

Entry Fees

Includes visitors on private yachts, charter boats, cruise ships, for diving etc $10.00

Local Operators License Vendors
$20 per mth or $200 per year

Charter Boats
$140 per mth or $1,400 per year per boat

Dive Shops
$25 per wk or $80 per mth or $800 per year

Permits Filming
$300 per permit

Wedding Ceremony
$300 per ceremony

Local Excursion
$2 per person

Duplicate Permit

75% of original fee

The park entry fee can be collected in four ways:
At the Bequia customs entry point for yachts
clearing into the country
At the Mayreau TCMP Information office
At the TCMP office in Union Island; and
Directly by the rangers at the arrival into the

Tobago Cay Rules and Regulations

Do: Enjoy looking at corals, fish, plant, shells, rocks, and
other beautiful things in Tobago Cays

Don’t: Take or touch animals or plants in the Cays. You
may damage or kill them. Nor should any of the beauty of
the Cays be taken with you. It must remain for others to

Do: Motor slowly when maneuvering vessels and dingys
in Tobago Cays.

Don’t: Use excessive seed or create any wake with your
watercraft. Swimmers, snorkelers and coral heads abound in
this area. Slowly, careful driving is a must.

Do: Enjoy windsurfing, kayaking, rowing, pedal boats in
the Cays.
Don’t: Conduct any motorized sports such as water
skiing, wake boarding, jet skiing…etc.
Do: Enjoy SCUBA Diving in Tobago Cays. Remember to
use a dive flag, and see advice from Park Rangers or local
dive shops regarding the best locations.

Don’t: Touch coral while diving or dive in strong
currents without surface support vessel.

Do: Use your anchor in the Tobago Cays

Don’t: Anchor close enough to any live coral to allow
damage from the anchor or anchor line. Coral takes only a
few moments to damage, but years to heal.
Special Note: Please remember that the Park Rangers are
there for you and to protect the environment. They are
friendly and outgoing people who believe strongly in their
purpose. Feel free to ask them questions or to ask them
for help if you need it. Also, please listen to their advice
and directives during your stay in the Cays.

Tobago Cay Special Features

White Sand Beaches
Natural Coral Reef Islands
Wind Surfing
Turtle Sanctuary